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Looking for a company in Lagos, Nigeria to create high quality and affordable explainer videos for you? Linestech solutions is the best company in Lagos Nigeria to create explainer videos for your business

Explainer videos have become increasingly popular by the day and experts have predicted animated explainer videos to gain more popularity in coming times.

As a digital marketing agency we can authoritatively say that video ads convert more effectively than any other known method of advertising.

An explainer video is a short animated video that focuses on explaining a business idea in a simple, concise and engaging way. It makes use of clear and concise language; appealing and attractive visuals that quickly grab the viewer’s attention and invoke actions. It’s both informational and educational. It explains what the company offers, how it can help customers with their problem and why that product/service is the best option in the market. Explainer videos are usually short and straight to the point. The standard duration for explainer video is 90secs

Features Of Our Animated Explainer Videos

  • Short
  • Simple
  • High Quality
  • Animated Characters
  • Brand Colour Theme
  • Focus On Target Audience
  • Profession Voice Over
  • Music

Objectives Of Our Animated Explainer Videos

  • To create brand awareness
  • Sell your business idea and objectives in just few seconds
  • Increase conversions
  • Boost your online visibility
  • Maximize profit

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